Hello World: Toast

Hello World: Toast It may very well be the simplest “Hello World” Android app.

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for Android 1.0 and up

“Hello World” programs are pretty famous, even if all they do is write “Hello World!” on the screen. When learning a new programming language or platform, starting with a simple “Hello World” program has become a tradition. They can also be used to test things out, and verify that a language or system is operating correctly.

Hello World: Toast is a standard Android app, that can be installed on any Android device, and started from the Apps or Home Screen. It just displays the famous “Hello World” text in a toast (the familiar Android small popup that is usually used to show a quick little message to the user). Then the app closes (even before starting). That’s it.

(However, Hello World: Toast can be useful if you need to explain or show someone how a real Android toast looks like.)

Hello World: Toast runs on any Android smartphone, tablet, or device. It runs on the latest Android versions, and even on the oldest versions, starting with Android 1.0! (Check out the screenshots: the one with the big analog clock is Hello World: Toast running on the first version of Android!)

Only 13 KB! No ads, no Internet, no permissions.

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