Time to show a penalty card, but can’t decide which one? Show a red card, along with ejection and personal embarrassment? Or a yellow card, for a second chance, but with caution? Like flipping a coin, every time you run PenaltyFlip, it turns your phone or tablet into a randomly selected red or yellow card. And if you already made up your mind, press the Volume or Back buttons to select the card you want. Tiny, no ads, no Internet, no permissions.


Hello World: Toast

Hello World: Toast may very well be the simplest “Hello World” Android app.

“Hello World” programs are pretty famous, even if all they do is write “Hello World!” on the screen. When learning a new programming language or platform, starting with a simple “Hello World” program has become a tradition. They can also be used to test things out, and verify that a language or system is operating correctly.